Nordic Office

Bring a touch of tradition to the office with our new Nordic Office range, bringing renewed style, comfort and convenience to your workspace. With a swivel, star-wheel base for efficient movement, and an ergonomic design, the Nordic Office provides invaluable support and comfort to your body throughout your working day.

We believe that a high-quality, ergonomic office chair is essential for long hours of work, which is why we design our office chairs with your physical well-being close at heart. As the science of comfort, ergonomics requires understanding the needs of the human body and where support is needed most. Nordic Office delivers on both style and practicality, with its range of functions on offer. With our uniquely designed comfort-precision headrest, you can adjust the angle accordingly to ensure your head and neck are correctly supported. Glide into comfort with our comfort-glide feature, allowing you to adjust the backrest using gentle body pressure- ideal for those moments requiring you to sit back and think, or for taking a quick relaxing break.

Discover the practicality of Nordic Office- making work more comfortable.

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